Selected Experience

When you work with us, you will gain from the breadth and depth of industry experience of
our consultants.  Some of our significant cases are summarized below.
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    Economic Feasibility - Renewable Energy

    Evaluated economic feasibility of constructing a solar generation facility under
    Ontario’s Renewable Energy Standard Offer Program (RESOP) for mid-size
    electricity generators.
BroadView Consultants
Focusing on the Business Value of IT
    Business Systems Strategy - Airline Services

    Defined the business systems strategy, business case and investment plan for an
    airline services organization to address fragmented, distributed and risky
    applications.  The strategy aligned IS with business objectives, redefined selected
    business processes, improved business application integration, updated
    capabilities to support changing business needs, built business scalability, and
    reduced business risk.
Strategic Business and IT

The following are selected examples of our work in strategic business and IT alignment:
    IS Strategic Plan - Biotechnology

    Developed a three year IS Strategic Plan to achieve several critical business
    objectives across all functions of a $1.5M biotechnology organization as the
    company doubled its revenues.  The plan identified new capability building
    applications and reduced the number of incompatible systems while defining an
    enterprise application and infrastructure roadmap, and a business case that re-
    positioned the company as it pursued its challenging growth targets.
    Application Vision and Roadmap - Electric Utility

    Developed a target application vision and roadmap for a major US electricity and
    gas utility facing a significantly changing business environment.  For the Finance,
    Supply Services and Human Resources systems, identified the relevant initiatives
    and projects, created an implementation timeline, developed selected high level
    business cases and analyzed the cost impacts of the roadmap to the ongoing IT
    cost structure for the ongoing delivery of the capabilities.
    Regional OSS (Operations Support Systems) Strategy -

    Led development of the Regional OSS strategy for an international cellular operator
    covering four South American countries, each having their own unique business
    plans, systems and processes.  The strategy defined a roadmap and supporting
    business cases to deliver new business capabilities and technologies,
    coordinated across the four national boundaries, and a prioritized Regional
    Investment Plan that achieved buy-in from all countries.
    Business Process Management (BPM) Vision & Strategy -
    Electricity Generator

    Defined the vision, strategy and roadmap for building a Business Process
    Management (BPM) capability for a $5 billion electricity generator.  Defined the
    capability components, processes, and governance structure, developed selected
    high level business cases, identified relevant initiatives and projects, created an
    implementation timeline, and obtained buy-in of senior leadership who authorized
    on-going investment for people, process and technology to build the capability.
    Road Transportation

    Advised the Executive Board of a road transportation sector company to refine the
    business strategy, prioritize its capability building investments, and develop
    detailed plans for 30% cost reduction in its customer services area.
Business and IT Cost Reduction

The following are selected examples of our work in IT Cost Reduction:
    Professional Services

    Assisted a $2 billion professional services organization to analyze the IS spending
    to quickly identify cost reduction opportunities, and developed a plan to reduce
    application development, services and SG&A costs by 33%.  Also, assisted this
    organization to investigate opportunities to reduce IS costs by 40%+ through
    consolidation and sourcing of selected services.
    Oil & Gas Exploration

    Designed and implemented a Continuous Improvement and Performance
    Measurement Program for the global information technology organization of a
    major oil company.  The framework covered its consulting organization as well as
    its delivery and development capability in six international locations, and provided a
    consistent set of performance metrics and reporting mechanism across the global
    Construction Company

    Developed and executed a plan for 30% reduction in IS costs through improved
    alignment and rationalization of services for an international construction company.
Performance Management - Balanced Scorecard

The following are selected examples of our work in Performance Management:
    Performance Management

    Developed and implemented the Balanced Scorecard Performance Measurement
    framework at a major professional services organization.  Implemented the
    "Innovations Scheme” and supporting infrastructure forming part of this
    performance measurement system across the national organization.
    Financial Services

    Assisted the Home Loans Division of a major UK Bank to develop and implement
    the Balanced Scorecard Performance Measurement framework.  Designed and
    implemented a prototype Executive Information System (EIS) for presentation and
    drill down of the performance scorecard to senior management.
Activities addressed:

  • Economic feasibility
  • IT Strategy
  • Business and IT cost
  • Business process redesign
  • Application portfolio
  • Business case development
  • Change management
  • IT investment planning

  • Retail
  • Food manufacturing
  • Pharmaceuticals and biotech
  • Energy
  • Oil & Gas
  • Telecommunication