Roland Mueller

Roland is a senior professional with over 25 years Information Services, Systems Management, Outsourcing & Operations and Business Development expertise with a customer first attitude.

He is an expert in SAP Technology, Operations and Support and has a rounded background and track record of building and running Data Centers and the IT support organization teams, as well as compliance with ISO 27001, SOC, PCI, HIPAA. Roland has worked in Germany and Canada with a career foundation at Fortune 500 companies Siemens and Accenture.

In Canada, he was the Director, Data Center Outsourcing and Application Hosting with Siemens and was responsible for all Siemens Business Services operations and technology, providing both strategic and tactical leadership and direction for the data center, architecture and infrastructure including the North American SAP Hosting Competency Center in Mississauga.

Roland is also known for “living” the Symbiosis, a mutually beneficial cooperative relationship between Sales and Delivery of Information Services.

He has held positions at Accenture in Data Center Technology& Operations providing Consulting Services to clients aimed at improving the strategic intent, transforming economics and effectiveness, including IT Planning, Design, Compliance, GRC and Risk Management.



Bachelor of Business Administration in Industrial Economics.





Roland holds an Business Operations Management Diploma and a BBA. Econ., Bachelor of Business Administration