I worked with Jamal at a manufacturing organization where Jamal is a Trusted Advisor to the CEO. Jamal works to develop long-term trusted relationships with his C-level clients. Taking a big picture view of the customers and vendors he seeks to identify, influence and build practical, innovative win-win solutions and relationships for all parties. It is a pleasure working with Jamal, he promotes innovation and efficiency while striving to mitigate risk. Therefore, I feel confident recommending him as a C-Level advisor, and look forward to continue working with him on new and exciting initiatives.

~Arik Kalininsky, CEO, Dalikoo

Jamal did an excellent job when I engaged him and his team through Accenture to help us at Nextel International with our IT alignment business strategy. He led the Accenture team composed of US, Canadian and Argentinean consultants, and ran us through an outstanding process of application portfolio analysis, business needs assessment, creation of business case, and a roadmap to align our IT with the business. He used several tools, templates and processes with insight to produce a successful outcome that landed $40M in investment and executed the strategy. I highly recommend Jamal for any IT and Business Strategy work.

~Kiran Kakarlamudi, Director

Jamal and I worked together on several projects and business development efforts. He was excellent at building relatonships with clients; understanding their needs; and helping them resolve their issues. Great two way communicator.”

~Tom Koor, Strategic Advisor, Accenture

Jamal is an accomplished and dependable business professional with an excellent grasp of IT and Strategy with a very clear and pragmatic management style. Jamal has the great ability to get into detail if needed but also has a very clear strategic perspective. He exemplifies the qualities of a partner executive and brings substantial Sales, Marketing and Strategic experience from a number of top companies. Jamal is a strategic thinker, focused on growing business and committed to make it happen.

~Roland Muller, Compliance Officer, Rogers Data Centers

Jamal is a highly professional and reliable executive level advisor. He complements a deep knowledge of IT with exposure to a broad range of businesses. I'd work with him again.

~Doug McCarthy, Partner, Accenture

Jamal has a strong ability to help business stakeholders understand, and guide them through, the different stages of an IT project, as well as managing the vendor interactions in a multi-vendor environment. Great facilitator with strong communication and people skills. A pleasure to work with, he proactively pushes the process forward and ensures inclusion from a broad set of stakeholders. Knowledgeable and fast to pick up new concepts for inclusion in the project. I would work with him again!

~Sean McConnell, P.Eng., Generation Strategy & Innovation, Fleet Operations, AI/ML & Business, Ontario Power Generation

I worked with Jamal on a complex infrastructure upgrade project over a year. Jamal is a versatile and experienced project manager who uses a professional and knowledgeable approach to work with both IT and business stakeholders to navigate complex and interactive requirements. He brings a professional attitude, client centricity, and attention to detail, and is willing to successfully take on different roles to suit the needs of an evolving project. A great communicator and is an asset to any team.

~Sanjay Swarup, Senior Project Manager / Program Management, Capgemini

I worked with Jamal on multiple AI/ML projects in parallel, using Agile development methodology. He has a strong understanding of different stages of an IT project from concept to implementation and how to plan ahead and push the process along. Strong communication and people skills. Great facilitator and handles pressure well. Amazing to work with, ensures inclusion from a broad set of stakeholders. Knowledgeable and fast to pick up new things. Pleasure to work with.

~Ali Aghvami, Enterprise Solution Architect, Ontario Power Generation